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Oil on Canvas

Size: 170 x 200 cm

This evocative artwork captures the dynamic interplay between two of nature's most powerful and opposing elements, inviting viewers to witness the breathtaking clash and convergence of fire and ice.

As you gaze upon "Fire & Ice," you are immediately drawn into a world of elemental chaos and harmony. Flames dance across the canvas with an intensity that seems to sear the very air, while icy tendrils break their way through the fiery inferno, creating a mesmerizing juxtaposition of heat and cold.

Saggu's masterful use of abstraction brings to life the raw energy and beauty of nature's elemental forces. Each brushstroke is a testament to the primal power and unpredictability of fire and ice, as they collide and intertwine in a magical symphony.


At the heart of the artwork lies a deeper metaphorical narrative – the eternal struggle between opposing forces, and the delicate balance that exists between them. 

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