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Jasbir is a self taught Indian contemporary artist based in Dubai, whose art is exhibited in the UAE and in private collections worldwide.

His compositions combine the physicality of action painting with fluid gesture and liquid glaze. Splatter and drips are used to convey motion. Paint runs through the gamut from thick to thin where liquid pools of color, directional lines, and translucent orbs coexist. He works mainly in oils for its exceptional properties, solidity, lustre, depth, and for its transparency, which makes outstanding glazes.

His art is created in an uninhibited process using superimposed thin layer of oil paint with final impasto finishes. The picture thus develops in multiple layers with pentimenti peeking through. Jasbir strives to show space and depth by taking viewers on a journey in and out of these layers and back to the surface, leading to a grand finale.


I have been painting and scribbling for as long as i can remember, but it wasn't until a motorbike ride across Himalayas that i felt a special connection to space - the enormous mountain ranges, the infinite skies, the deep waters. During this trip into the vastness of the universe, i believe i had an out-of-body experience and was looking at an ''amazed me'' surrounded by the blissful view.


This epiphany transformed me into an artist i am today, able to see a multitude of layers in every facet of life, whether natural or urban; they became my inspiration. The layers, space and depth in my art represent the different dimensions in each of our lives as we move through experiences, relationships and emotions. 

My work is a creative outlet to explore those feelings through ''Altered States'' as i call them - which has now become my raison d'être.

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