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Oil & Mica on Canvas

Size: 150 x 180 cm

Step into the realm of enlightenment and transcendence with Jasbir Saggu's captivating masterpiece, "Anagami." This profound artwork delves into the depths of spiritual awakening, drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Buddhist philosophy and the journey towards liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

As you behold "Anagami," you are transported into a realm of sublime serenity and ethereal beauty. The abstract forms and colours on the canvas display an otherworldly grace, inviting viewers to explore the inner landscapes of the mind and spirit.

The title "Anagami," meaning "Non-Returner," evokes a sense of finality and liberation. It speaks to those who have attained the highest levels of spiritual realization, transcending the cycle of reincarnation and achieving ultimate enlightenment. In Buddhist tradition, the Anagami are revered as beings who have reached a state of purity and perfection, never to be bound by the limitations of worldly existence again.

Saggu's masterful depiction captures the essence of this profound spiritual journey, inviting viewers to contemplate the nature of reality and the impermanence of the self. Each brushstroke serves as a testament to the power of inner transformation and the potential for liberation that lies within each of us.

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